Parental control app for
iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Control what your child can do on your device. Turn restrictions on and off with a few clicks.

Who is it for?

Parents who want peace of mind while their toddlers use their device unattended.

What does it do?

Using this free tool, parents can control access to certain functionalities of the device and turn the restrictions on and off with just a few clicks.

It's similar to the Settings App, but remembers your configuration, even while restrictions are turned off. That way, you don't have to set them up again every single time you pass your device on to your toddler.

The tool provides a controlled environment where young children can safely explore the digital touch screen world. No more accidental in-app purchases!

How does it work?

Simply select the restrictions you would like to enforce. We will send a installation link with your custom configuration and instructions to your email.

Once installed, you will see a new app icon ("ParentalControl") on your home screen.
Whenever you pass the device to your toddler, use the app to turn on the restrictions. To disable the restrictions again, simple click on the "disable" button within the app.


We're a small mobile app consultancy located in Reutlingen, Germany.
Our apps are used by more than half a million users around the globe.

Currently, we are building a video app for children. It is like youtube with parental control on content and a user interface easy to use for little hands. If you're interested in beta testing, drop us an email and we're happy to put you onto our list. Also check out our animal puzzle app.

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